Jack Reacher
Name: Jack Reacher
Status: Alive
Age: 57
Date of birth: October 29, 1960
Birthplace: Berlin,
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Affiliation: Formerly
United States Army
Father: Stan Reacher (d. 1988)
Mother: Josephine Reacher (d. 1990)
Sibling(s): Brother:
Joe Reacher (d.)
Marital status: Single
Other family: Grandfather:
Laurent Moutier (d. 1974)

Jack Reacher is a former United States Army Military Police Officer and currently a drifter and freelance private investigator who works investigation cases for people in need. In the Army, he was a Major, who was demoted to Captain and who worked his way back the Major before retiring.


Early lifeEdit

Jack Reacher's father, Stan Reacher, was a United States Marine Captain. His mother was a Josephine Moutier Reacher. He had an older brother Joe, who died 4 hours before the start of the first book Killing Floor. Reacher was a military brat and grew up in military bases all around the world. Reacher and his brother Joe were described as being big children and got into lots of fights and Jack reminisces that he was the more aggressive of the two. Though they didn't always get along, the scar on Jacks' forehead. After Joe went away to West Point, they fell out of contact.

United States Army serviceEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit