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Jack ReacherEdit

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Jack Reacher: Never Stop PunchingEdit

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Jack Reacher: Never Go BackEdit

Main article: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back


Character Year
2012 2016
Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher poster 2
Jack Reacher:
Never Stop Punching

Jack Reacher Never Stop Punching logo
Jack Reacher:
Never Go Back

Jack Reacher Never Go Back poster
Jack Reacher Tom Cruise Appears Tom Cruise
Helen Rodin Rosamund Pike
Charlie Jai Courtney
Zec Chelovek Werner Herzog
Emerson David Oyelowo
Alex Rodin Richard Jenkins
Martin Cash Robert Duvall
James Barr Joseph Sikora
Susan Turner Cobie Smulders
Anthony Espin Aldis Hodge
Samantha Dayton Danika Yarosh
Patrick Heusinger
Sam Morgan Holt McCallany
Daniel Prudhomme Austin Hebert
Bob Moorcroft Robert Catrini
James Harkness Robert Knepper


Box office performanceEdit

Film Release date Box office revenue Budget Profit
Domestic Foreign Worldwide
Jack Reacher
December 21, 2012
$80,070,736 $138,269,859 $218,340,595 $60,000,000 $158,340,595
Jack Reacher:
Never Go Back
October 21, 2016
$58,697,076 $103,449,000 $162,146,076 $60,000,000 $102,146,076
Series Total
$138,767,812 $241,718,859 $380,486,671 $120,000,000 $260,486,671


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